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Our Old Mac room has been converted to a online Zoom room with our gamemaster being your eyes and hands.

BOOK this ONLINE room now!

How online rooms work:

When you book, we'll send you a link to a Zoom meeting, you can have up to 4 connections join. Groupls are charged PER PLAYER, not connection. Our gamemaster will be controlled by your commands over Zoom and will carry out your instructions. Bend them to your every whim.

You will also connect to our game software. This will be your working space for solving the room. When items, puzzles, and locks are found, they will be placed in your inventory. Each computer connected can work to solve these together or independently.


The rest of our rooms and our board game lounge are NOW OPEN for in-person experiences!

Welcome back you wonderful, patient people. 🤗

Come in Don's Photo / Bluecore Barber doors

Standard Hours: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM

To book within the next 3 hours, or outside standard hours of operation, please call: 306.359.2273

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