Our Escape Rooms

New to Escape Club?

How are our rooms different? 

  • Private:You will not be paired with other groups
  • Challenging: But with unlimited automatic hints (if needed) to keep your game flowing. Our rooms are designed for usually for 4-8 people; they’re still doable with 2, but it’s incredibly challenging!
  • Big: Our smallest room holds up to 12 people. We can handle groups of 50+ all at once.
  • Constantly monitored: To ensure there are no game play issues outside of your control, we have dedicated staff on each room.


You do NOT need exact numbers.

  • Once you book, the room is entirely yours for the hour. You only pay for however many people actually play the room.
  • Bring anywhere from the min to the max (+2 if you really want to squeeze in)


Which room should I choose?

  • If it is your first room with us, we highly recommend our Genie room!
  • All of our rooms are challenging, and offer unlimited automatic hints (unless you request no hints)
  • Our Old Mac’s Farm room is designed for ages 6-13, but is still great for adults. Try asking for no hints!
  • Our other rooms are designed for adults, but great for ages 7+. No charge for kids under 7.


**If you’d like to book outside of regular hours, or to book within the next 2 hours; please contact us to book!