About the "Escape Club" Brand

A Local Business Success Story:

"Escape Club is Regina's premier escape room provider."

  • Locally owned & operated by Regina born, Dale D’Silva.
  • July 2015: Thirty seconds after playing his first escape room in Calgary, Dale decided to bring the concept to Regina, his hometown.
  • Nov. 2015: Four months later, Escape Club launched Regina’s very first escape room: The Curse of the Evil Genie!
  • Sept. 2017: Escape Club moved from our temp location to our new facility at 2410 Dewdney Ave.  The new larger space was to help support the growing love of escape rooms and can accommodate 80+ people!  Perfect for corporate training and party events.
  • Sept. 2018: Escape Club also launched its fully licensed Board Game Café with over 365+ games! Please come try our signature Killer London Fog with Earl Grey infused gin!

"BIG THANKS to all of our fans! Because of you, we are the #1 fun thing to do in Saskatchewan on TripAdvisor!"


What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are a real-life, immersive and exhilarating experience.  Your group enters a themed room (e.g. Egyptian or Zombie room), and will be given a goal to achieve.  You will have 60 minutes to work together to find clues, decipher riddles, and solve puzzles to accomplish your task and "escape" the room.

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Won't I get anxious, being locked in a room?

You are never locked in our rooms. At any point while playing you can always exit through the door you entered or through a clearly indicated auxiliary exit. Our rooms are also very spacious, extra large and bigger than most people’s living rooms. Several rooms are very bright and open, and some are wheelchair accessible.

Accessibility is important to us. If you have any concerns about being unable to play, do not hesitate to contact us. It is important that anyone is able to play, regardless of their abilities. We will do what we can to accommodate.

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What are the rules?

  1. Do not talk about Escape Club.
  2. Do not talk about Escape Club! No spoilers! To avoid spoiling the experience for others, please do not talk about the gameplay of the rooms around people who may not have played yet.
  3. Have fun!

Our rooms also follow certain guidelines - these are not hard and fast rules, but tips to keep you on the right track. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. No clues will ever be used more than once.
  2. Nothing will ever be too far out of reach.
  3. Nothing will ever require more than three fingers of physical force.

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How are our escape rooms different from others?

  • Large enough for Corporate bookings!
    Our rooms can hold up to as many as 16 people in our largest room, or 60+ people if you book our entire facility.
  • Private: You will not be paired with other groups.
  • Perfect for Team Building: Our rooms are challenging for 4-16 people, and extra challenging for 2 people!
  • Smooth game flow: Dedicated staff on each room to ensure no game play issues and good game flow.  Unlimited automatic hints are provided if needed for perfect game flow.

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What does it cost?

We have both standard and premium rooms available. Both will provide an excellent gameplay experience, but premium rooms offer superior immersion including movie production set designs!

  • Children 6 and under: FREE! (with adult supervision)
  • Children 7-12:
    • Standard room: $19.95
    • Premium room: $23.95
  • Students and seniors:
    • Standard room: $22.95
    • Premium room: $26.95
  • Adults:
    • Standard room: $24.95
    • Premium room: $29.95

When booking online, a credit card will be required in order to hold the room. Please note that this card will not be charged unless you do not arrive for your scheduled booking without adequate notice. Each player must pay on arrival.

Your escape room also includes access to our fully licensed board game cafe for the whole night - come before your booking and play one of our 365+ games, or stay a while after escaping and try our signature Killer London Fog made with love, and Earl Grey infused gin!

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How do I book and play?

  1. Book one of our escape rooms online, by phone, or by email.
  2. Arrive at Escape Club 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your booking.
  3. Each player pays upon arrival. Note that the credit card provided when booking online will not be charged unless you do not arrive for your booking - all players must pay on arrival.
  4. Listen attentively while your Game Master explains the gameplay and rules for your escape room.
  5. Begin your 60 minute escape room adventure.
  6. Find clues, decipher riddles, and solve puzzles to complete your mission and escape!

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When should I arrive for my booking?

Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking time. All games last 1 hour, with a 15 minute introduction. A late start may reduce your playing time; we can’t let the next group wait for you if you started late.

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What should I bring?

You generally don’t need to bring anything -- except reading glasses, if you need them. Otherwise, bring a positive attitude and a penchant for fun and adventure!

Please note that electronic devices will not be allowed in the room during the game. Devices will be stored in a lockbox, at no extra charge, prior to the game.

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Who can play? Is there an age limit?

Escape Club is ideal for any group seeking adventure and fun! All ages are welcome. Usually we see ages 7 and above come to play. Children under 13 can still have fun when joining adults. Kids under 7 are free, but require adult supervision.

We're great for family, friends, tourists, and travelers; corporate team building and collaboration training; and even special events: Celebrate your birthday, stag(ette), retirement or other festivities!

Please note that some of our rooms are only accessible by stairs. If this or any other accessibility issue may have an impact on you or a member of your group, please contact us! It is important that anyone is able to play, regardless of their abilities. We will do what we can to accommodate.

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How many people do I need?

There is a minimum booking of 2 players. You can however have an odd number of players (3, 5, 7, etc.)

Depending on the skill level of the players, game flow and experience may be improved with more players – for most rooms, at least 4 players are recommended. Some were even designed for as many as 8! However, all rooms have been completed by groups of 2 - think you have what it takes?

If the number of people changes after you book, simply let us know upon your arrival.

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Which room should I choose?

If it is your first room with us, we highly recommend our Genie room! All of our rooms are challenging, and offer unlimited automatic hints if desired.

Our Old Mac’s Farm room is designed for ages 7-13, but is still great for adults. Try asking for no hints! Our other rooms are designed for adults, but great for ages 7+ (kids under 7 are free).

Wheelchair accessible rooms: Child’s Play, Old Mac, SeCure.

Rooms on the second floor (accessible only by stairs): Genie, Tomb.

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