Our Escape Rooms

New to Escape Club?

How are our rooms different? 

  • Private: You will not be paired with other groups
  • Challenging: But with unlimited automatic hints (if needed) to keep your game flowing. Our rooms are designed for 4-8 people; they’re still doable with 2, but it’s incredibly challenging!
  • Big: Our smallest room holds up to 12 people. We can handle groups of 50+ all at once.
  • Constantly monitored: To ensure there are no game play issues outside of your control, we have dedicated staff on each room.

You do NOT need exact numbers.

  • Once you book, the room is entirely yours for the hour. You only pay for however many people actually play the room.
  • Bring anywhere from the min to the max (+2 if you really want to squeeze in)

Which room should I choose?

  • If it is your first room with us, we highly recommend our Genie room!
  • All of our rooms are challenging, and offer unlimited automatic hints (unless you request no hints)
  • Our Old Mac’s Farm room is designed for ages 6-13, but is still great for adults. Try asking for no hints!
  • Our other rooms are designed for adults, but great for ages 7+. No charge for kids under 7.

Scroll down for more information on each of our room options…

If you’d like to book outside of regular hours, or to book within the next 2 hours; please contact us to book!

Our booking engine is having issues, so you will not be asked to put down a deposit when you make your reservation, and can just pay for how many show up upon arrival.

Escape Club Escape Rooms Regina Featured

The Curse of the Evil Genie

$25/person + taxes | 60 minutes | 2-16 people | ages 7+ (younger kids are free, but must be monitored)

Your group has disturbed the sleep of the great genie, Asmodeus. Now he has trapped you in in his magic lamp and issued you a challenge: you must identify which ten of the “Tales of the Thousand and One Nights” are the genie‚Äôs favorites. Will you appease the genie and escape his lamp?

The Curse of the Evil Genie – Private

Dr. Jones and the Tomb of Life

$30/person + taxes | 60 minutes | 2-14 | ages 7+  (younger kids are free, but must be monitored)

At the ancient Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut a hidden tomb was discovered nearly a century ago but kept secret – until now. Can you solve the mysteries lie within the Tomb of Life?

Dr. Jones and the Tomb of Life – Private

Child’s Play

$25/person + taxes | 60 minutes | 2-12 | ages 7+  (younger kids are free, but must be monitored)

Investigate a preschool for gifted children that has been infiltrated. Are you smarter than a toddler genius?

Child’s Play – Private

SeCure: Regina's most immersive escape room.


$30/person + taxes | 60 minutes | 2-16 | ages 13+  (younger kids are okay, but there is a fear factor involved)

*WARNING*: Contains flashing/strobe lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities. If you or a member of your group is photosensitive, please alert your Game Master on arrival. We will adjust the room to eliminate these potential triggers.

A experimental research facility in Russia working on reanimating dead cells has gone into emergency lockdown. Only your team can stop a further outbreak. Will you save Siberia… and save the world?

SeCure – Private

Old Mac's Farm

Old Mac’s Farm

$25/person + taxes | 60 minutes | 2-12 | ages 7-13  (older players are fine – try asking for no hints!)

This unique room is designed to be as difficult for adults as it is for children.
Old Mac’s five favorite animals have gone missing! Can you search the classroom of a certain animal-loving child to try and find them?

Old Mac’s Farm – Private


$199.99/team of 4-6 people + taxes | 150 minutes | 2-12 | ages 13+  (12)

A half escape room, half amazing race event around Wascana Park in partnership with Regina’s other locally owned escape rooms, District 3 and Mystery Mansion, designed to take between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Old Mac’s Farm – Private