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We recommend our Genie room as your first Escape Club room. Genie bookings are always private; so once you make your booking, the room is entirely yours for the hour (this is optional in other rooms). You can bring anywhere from the minimum to the maximum (max +2 if you really wanted to squeeze in, and we only charge up to the maximum). If you would like any other room for only your group, you will need to check the “book entire Escape Room (private event)” checkbox in the “Private” section below “Participants.” Otherwise, other people might later book to join you in the room.

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Escape Club Escape Rooms Regina Featured

The Curse of the Evil Genie

$25+GST | 60 minutes | 4-14 people (limit 2-16) | ages 8+

Difficulty options: 6/10 with unlimited hints; 8/10 with no hints

Your group has disturbed the sleep of the great genie, Asmodeus. Now he has trapped you in in his magic lamp and issued you a challenge: you must identify which ten of the “Tales of the Thousand and One Nights” are the genie’s favorites.
Will you appease him and escape his lamp?



Dr. Jones and the Tomb of Life

$30+GST | 60 minutes | 4-12 people (limit 4-14) | ages 8+

Difficulty options: 8/10 with 3 hints; 9/10 with no hints

At the ancient Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut a hidden tomb was discovered nearly a century ago but kept secret – until now.
Can you solve the mysteries lie within the Tomb of Life?



Coming Soon! – Child’s Play 

$25+GST | 60 minutes | 2-8 people (limit 2-10) | ages 8+

Difficulty options: 5/10 with unlimited hints; 8/10 with no hints

Investigate a preschool for gifted children that has been infiltrated. Are you smarter than a toddler genius?


Coming Soon! – Secure

$30+GST | 60 minutes | 4-12 people (limit 4-14) | ages 8+

Difficulty options: 7/10 with unlimited hints; 9/10 with no hints

An experimental medical facility in Siberia has gone into emergency lockdown. Will your team be able to reverse the damage done?