About Escape Club (FAQ)

Escape Club is Regina’s first live escape room experience provider…

  • 1st rule of Escape Club: Do not talk about Escape Club.
  • 2nd rule of Escape Club: Do not talk about Escape Club.No Spoilers!
    Please do not talk about the gameplay of the rooms.
    It would spoil the experience for those yet to play.
  • 3rd rule of Escape Club: Have fun!

Now that we’ve laid out the ground rules, here is the low down on Escape Rooms.

What is an escape room??

Escape rooms are a real-life, room escape experience.  The latest trend sweeping the globe.  It is live gaming entertainment.

The Basic Premise: Your group is trapped in a themed room.  You will have 60 minutes to find clues, decipher riddles, and solve puzzles to escape the room…

Other FAQs

How do Escape Club rooms work?

  1. Book one of our games online, by phone or by email
  2. Show up promptly at your booking time
    (pay at this time if you didn’t when booking)
  3. Get the low down on gameplay and rules
  4. Begin your 60 minute adventure
  5. Find clues, decipher riddles & solve puzzles
  6. Escape the room!

Who Can Play?
Escape Club is ideal for any group seeking adventure and fun.

  • Ages 13-113!  Kids under 13 can still have fun when joining adults
  • Family & friends
  • Corporate team building
  • Special events
    – come celebrate your birthday, stag(ette) or other event
  • Tourists & travelers
    – our goal is to become the #1 fun thing to do in Regina

What should I bring?

  • You don’t need to bring anything. We will have all you need ready for you.
  • Please arrive on time!  All games last 1 hour, with a 15 minute intro.
  • A late start will reduce your playing time.
    We can’t let the next group wait for you if you started late.
  • Please note that mobile devices will not be allowed in the room during the game.
    Devices will be put in a lockbox, at no charge, prior to the game.

How much is a booking?

  • A room booking for “The Curse of the Evil Genie” is $25 per person.
  • There is a minimum room booking fee of $100 (4 people).

How many people can participate in one booking?

  • The room is designed for 6-10 people
    • but is still fun for as few as 4, and as many as 12!
  • It can be booked with less, as long as the minimum booking fee of $100 is met.
  • If the number of people changes simply let us know upon your arrival.